Bone Broth: Worth All The Hype?

Bone broth is an ancient culinary practice that delivers nutrient-dense, deliciousness to your body. It is common to find these broths and stocks in the grocery store but there is nothing quite like the taste and nutritional quality of bone broth made from scratch. We make several batches a week in our City Kitchen and we use it in lots of our soups and sauces.  But honestly, it's so good by itself that sometimes it goes straight into a mug for sipping.  

Bone broth not only tastes like the equivalent of a luxurious, soft throw on a cold day but it is absolutely packed with nutritional value that is missing in a lot of our quickly processed diets. Check out this article from Wellness Mama about the many health benefits of making bone broth a part of your regular diet. 

How do you enjoy bone broth? What recipes does it improve?

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Butter! Give Me All The Butter!

butter heart.png

Bring it in, Fam...we gotta talk.

We were taught that butter is bad for you.  It clogs your arteries and makes you fat, right? WRONG! Grass-fed butter actually has a myriad of health benefits and it just tastes so crazy-delicious! So if you LOVE grass-fed butter and HATE feeling bad about it read this article about Why Grass-Fed Butter Is One Of The Healthiest Fats On The Planet.

What is your favorite grass-fed butter brand? How do you use it on the daily?


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