organic farming

Spring Time Harvest

Spring has sprung and it is overflowing our kitchen with amazing bounty from farms nearby. We are loving all the colorful veggies and herbs that we are finding at the Farmer's Markets here in Sacramento.  What a lovely time of year to take advantage of the fact that Sacramento is the Farm-To-Fork capitol of America!

What is your favorite spring time veggie?

Riverdog & Full Belly Farms

At City Kitchen, we would never feed your family something that we wouldn't feed our own. Knowing where our food comes from is an ever-illusive part of American cuisine. We love getting to know our farmers and seeing just how life on the farm actually works.  It makes the process of creating meals all the more special.

We get a lot of our produce, eggs, and some meats from Riverdog Farms and Full Belly Farms. Trust me when I say that these neighboring farms are truly remarkable places. They care about the way in which they grow their food and how they raise their animals. It is such an incredible privelege to have such ethically, humanely sourced food so close to Sacramento!

If you haven't given these farms a visit yet, what are you waiting for? Grab the kids and make a morning out of it! My kids especially loved running around with the farm dogs as our friendly guides educated us about their incredible, equal opportunity farms. Click here to visit the website of Riverdog Farms. And click here to visit the website of Fully Belly Farms.  Both give free tours and we encourage you to buys some of their produce and goods as a thank you!

Do you have a favorite local farm? Tell us about it!