City Kitchen Sacramento: A Meal To Celebrate


We've all been there.

You’re at work and you know you have nothing in the house to make for dinner. And while you like to eat out, your go-to takeout place treats you like family because you are there so much. 

It’s time for something different.  

Enter City Kitchen Sacramento. 

This local service is like having a personal chef, without the cost of a personal chef. 

The company delivers ready-to-eat meals to your home or office Monday through Thursday. Every night is a different delicious option and you can place your order for two to six people. Another bonus- the food is always fresh. They work with local farmers and make seasonal meals that will make your mouth water.



Ordering is simple. Just log onto the City Kitchen Sacramento website before 3 pm and you can order a dinner that will be delivered between 5:30-6:30 that evening. Need to cover more than one night? You can place orders for multiple days, too. 

The meals are the highest quality and offer plenty of food. A sample menu item is the sun-dried tomato turkey meatloaf with garlic smashed potatoes topped with a roasted red pepper sauce and a tomato, basil & mozzarella salad. 

For those skipping meat, City Kitchen Sacramento offers Aina Bowls. Nightly options include the Vietnamese Banh Mi or the Greek Quinoa bowl. They also deliver power salad lunches, organic bone broth, and dessert options.  

My Little Day Yellow Triangle 9in Dinner Plates [pack of 8] 2.png

Need the perfect gift for newlyweds, new parents, or those taking care of a sick loved one? You can gift a meal, or splurge and get them multiple meals. Add on trendy paper place-setting products to your order and you even handled the dishes. 

But even more intriguing than the food is the person beyond this local woman-owned business. It’s the brainchild of Rebecca Lujan Loveless. 

Rebecca was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. She had a busy career in urban community development that allowed her to travel the world for more than a decade. She worked with women to build healthy, thriving communities in some of the world’s most “difficult” places. 

Along the way, she met fascinating women who taught her their family recipes, and she added these delicious dishes to her already extensive cooking list. When she’d post the beautiful dishes on Instagram, friends and family asked if she would make extra for them.  

Realizing that she loved to cook, while others dreaded the task, the idea of City Kitchen Sacramento was born.  

However, food isn’t Rebecca’s only passion. She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights. 

“Like so many professional fields, the culinary field is dominated by men,” explained Rebecca. “I find that so odd considering women are the ones who predominantly are cooking at home for their families! I find that I have to be extra on my game in every area in order for some people to take me seriously.”

Earlier in her career she felt being a woman hindered her ability to be successful. Now she believes even if she doesn’t get the same pay or opportunities as a man, she can create opportunities through her strong business concept. 

She is also working to change pay discrepancies by hiring women in all aspects of her business and paying them a fair wage. “I have been underpaid most of my career for no other reason than the fact that I am a woman,” stated Lujan Loveless. “I refuse to do that to any other woman, and work hard to pay them fairly, or even above what may be ‘standard’ for that particular job.”

That tenacity and commitment to doing the right thing has led to success. Her business is growing and she has exciting plans for the future. She hopes to scale her business to include other cities and expand her offerings to include beer and wine, brunch, and even a baby food line. 

But no matter where her business takes her, she is proud to call Sacramento home. “I love the fact that we live in the Farm to Fork Capital of the country. Before I purchase any meat, poultry, or produce from any local farm, I throw my kids (Gavin 15, India 12 and Kingston 8) in the car and drive out to the farm to meet the farmers face to face, tour their properties, and ask questions about their farming practices.  It’s such a privilege to have so much access to such bountiful harvest right in our backyard.”

So next time you are craving a real homemade meal without the work, let Rebecca and her team handle the cooking. Her amazing meals will make your taste buds happy, plus you’ll be supporting a local business that is committed to local farmers and fair wages. That is a meal to celebrate!